Doing Nothing is Not an Option! Please Support our Appeal Today.

Help Us Save Our Communities

We need you to support our appeal!

The crisis has hit us very hard. More than 1Million Bayelsans are displaced. Our children and vulnerable persons will need your support.

Do you have clothes you do not need anymore? We are happy to receive them from you. Please tell us how to reach you.

The flood has taken our farms and all our agricultural products are perished. We need basic things like Foods, Baby foods, etc to save our communities

Medicals have become a luxury for us, that means we need to afford the basic care. We are grateful to get medical support and equipment.


  • Foods

  • Clothes

  • Shelter

  • Hospital Equipment

  • Medicines

  • Reintegration

The extraordinarily severe rainfall and subsequent flooding has submerged Bayelsa State, displacing about 1 million people in 300 communities across the state alone. Additionally, we have lost lots of lives and many homes have been damaged or completely ruined.

Bayelsa State has been cut off from both sides of the East-West Road, making it even more challenging for goods to enter the capital city. As a result of this, there is untold hardship and scarcity of food in the region not to mention the health challenges that follows such situation.

Bayelsa Says THANK YOU!

Meet our donors

Mr. Fidel Wilson ₦50.000
Prof. Jason Osai ₦10.000
Anonymous ₦90.000
Mr. Chukwuemeka N. Ake ₦5.000
NIDOE Women ₦100.000

Prof. Dr. Lars Holtkamp donated €300
Mr. Eugen Holtkamp donated €200
Ivory PR donated €20
Engr. Seb. Udeajah donated €20
Dr. Onuora donated €100

Ms. Moni Tüttemann donated Clothes and Bicycle

Engr. Femi Awoniyi

Amb. Toni Tuklan

happy kids with warm meal
Environmentally polluted water