The Diaspora for Diri (D4D) initiative is community-based action group committed to re-electing the 12th Governor of Bayelsa State come November 2023. From the civil service to industry captains, we’re mobilizing voters across the state and building alliances with the electorates. Together, we will build a better Bayelsa.

PDP is a party of inclusion. We know that diversity is not our problem. It is rather our promise!

As PDP members, we respect variations of viewpoint and belief. We guarantee to work together to move this state forward, even when we disagree, … we do not just seek common ground—we strive to reach greater heights.

We are meeting voters where they are, whether it is six months or two days from the election. With your help, our team can have real conversations with voters about the issues that matter to them, and build the Democratic organizing infrastructure needed for years to come.

There are many important fights ahead, so we’ll pad you in wherever you’re most passionate, or wherever you’re needed most – no matter where you live. Join one of our volunteer teams and own a piece of this movement! We can’t wait to organize with you.

Bayelsans Abroad are a part of the diasporic big family. The official representation is the Diaspora focal point office. We strive to provide Bayelsans abroad a Democratic voice in our government and elect Democratic candidates by mobilizing the votes of family and friends’ diaspora.

Bayelsans live in more than 200 countries around the globe and should be given a platform where they can mobilise, mentor, and channel the votes of their loved ones in the state to the right direction.

Although diasporas abroad have no voting right, their importance in the electorate process cannot be overseen.

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Go a Fishing for our miracle Team!

We should start the work with our neighbours. Join our community organizing team and learn how you can be a leader in your community, bringing people together around our Democratic priorities and supporting PDP every day, everywhere.

Activate your community to re-elect Douye and Lawrence

We need your help to advocate on behalf of the things that represent diverse communities and important for our democracy. Join us lets go a Fishing for our miracle Team.

Become social Ambassadors!

Our mission is to combat disinformation online by amplifying achievements of Douye and Lawrence over social media networks. As our ambassador, you will create lasting powerful contents that portrays the good image of our candidates.

Together for a better Bayelsa!

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