Aerial shot of the shore by the Atlantic Ocean captured in Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria

Longest Coastline in Nigeria

Geographically, the Bayelsa State is known for having the longest coastlines in the country. The state also has one of the deepest natural berths situated in Agge Town. The Bayelsa State administration government has commenced plans to establish and build a Deep Sea Port at Agge. The port is intended to act as a transshipment port focusing its services on the entire Gulf of Guinea and the neighborhood of Nigeria.

All these traits make Bayelsa an expensive state suitable for development and necessary for investments. Investors in this region have all that is crucial for successful operations. For instance, the coastline can also be used as a tourist-attracting site and trigger the need for more business. Hotels and massage parlors are some of the tourist businesses that can prosper and investors need to consider choosing Bayelsa.

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