Invest in Bayelsa State

Dear Bayelsan Diaspora,
Dear Investor,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Bayelsa state is one of the most successful states in Nigeria and was created out of Rivers State in the final years of the 20th century, in 1996. The state is a product of Sani Abacha’s military government. Thus, the naming of the state was a derivative of the first few letters of the major local government area names. Brass, Yenagoa, and Sagbama are the names of the local governments whose first letters were used to come up with the name Bayelsa.

Bayelsa is a destination of choice for Diaspora and most investors. The security and infrastructural amenities are excellent. The state’s social-political environment is suitable for business and investments.

Regardless of the few security concerns affecting the state, the national and state government has adopted various important mechanisms and programs that fight criminality, making the state the most peaceful today and an investment haven.

One can also notice improved land laws, government incentives, and natural aspects that increases the state’s ability to assure you and prospective investors that doing businesses with us will be fruitful.

Bayelsa also has a growing population and skilled labour. All these factors are important when it comes to growth and business success.
We implore you to come and invest in Bayelsa State.

4 Quick Reasons to invest in our State

Availability of Plentiful Unexploited Agricultural and Mineral Resources.

Bayelsa has numerous considerable resources that are not fully exploited to date. Therefore, the state is a motivation for people who need to invest and prosper in various businesses. According to Bayelsa Investment Promotion Agency (BIPA) and the state exhibits a comparative advantage for the production of food and cash crops.

Free Market Economy that enhances Investments

Just like other Nigerian states’ Bayelsa is a free market economy. The government has purposely supported policies and programs that creates an enabling climate for businesses, investments, and industrial endeavors, particularly in Bayelsa. Due to the  new policies in place, the administrative and  bureaucratic processes are greatly rationalized.

Skillful and Low-cost Labour

Bayelsa has a population of around two million people. Skilled people are among Bayelsa’s population. It means that the state has abundant persons who are skilled and able to provide labor at a favorable economic cost. A favorable economic cost can, therefore, support new investments and enable young companies to progressively grow.

Longest Coastline in Nigeria

Geographically, the Bayelsa State is known for having the longest coastlines in the country. The state also has one of the deepest natural berths situated in Agge Town. The government has commenced plans to establish and build a Deep Sea Port there. The focus would be a transshipment port that services the entire Gulf of Guinea and the neighborhood of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Oil and Gas reserves have grown tremendously since the discovery of hydrocarbon in 1956 in Oloibiri, Bayelsa state.

Economic growth and alleviation of poverty tremendously depend on a nation’s infrastructural development.

For the Bayelsa economy to build better and more sustainably, we must start our energy quest with reliance on fossil fuels.

The cooperation between education, consultancy services providers and airlines can tremendously increase the profits for both investments.

The media and entertainment with its many genres and outlets will continue to play a vital role in our society.

A State can be as good as the healthcare it enables…There is a need to improve both the facilities teaching healthcare and directly providing the care.

The state is endowed with enormous natural and mineral resources (especially aquatic) which are yet to be fully exploited in every part of the state.

the sports industry is yet to reach her investment potentials in the state, therefore any investor putting his resources in this near virgin sphere shall not only reap tremendous rewards but shall thank God for choosing Bayelsa.

Bayelsa Diasporic Expertise

Vertical expertise means nothing without vertical depth.

So, Lets join our resources for our state Bayelsa…