African diverse black drummers add rhythm to morning church worship with dancing hands

Investing in Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment with its many genres and outlets will continue to play a vital role in our society. As it influences our perception and behaviour. Indeed, be it through the screen or radio and with each breakthrough in technological advancements, product presentation and advertisement appeal, the average individual appears to lose more confidence in his own opinion and decisions and inadvertently trusts the media on a wide range of issues especially as it concerns his cultural, social, and even religious beliefs.

The Media thus present as a readily available option for consumers who yearn to keep up with new ways of doing things. We learn how people in other parts of the world speak, dress, eat, marry, and even worship because of the window created for us by media outlets. In Nigeria, the notion is not different. The role of the media in accelerating change in lifestyle especially among the youths is unprecedented.

Therefore, investing in Media and entertainment in Bayelsa State where we have several many young people will be very profitable as it brings the best out of the youths, creating jobs that keeps the body, mind and soul together.

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