Invest in Agriculture and Aquaculture

Investing in Agriculture would be a win-win for our State and you.

The state is endowed with enormous natural and mineral resources (especially aquatic) which are yet to be fully exploited in every part of the state.

These resources, most of which are untapped and capable of creating and servicing different industries with obvious comparative advantage over those in other parts of the country as they can be found in very large quantities and comes at prices better than anywhere else.

There are very good and arable land for crop farming (Plantain, Sugar cane, Cocoa yam, Cassava, Wild or African-Mango (Ogbono), Rice, Cucumber, different kinds of Vegetables and Herbs, Maize, Oil palm etc). Equally in abundance, different kinds of woods which can be exploited for the local market and for export.

Water bodies for large scale fish farming can be found all-over the state and this makes it viable and lucrative for investors in the fish industry.

The processing and packaging of agriproducts are an untapped goldmine waiting to be harnessed by serious-minded investors.

Of course, our conducive vegetation is a plus for commercial snail farming also.

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