african woman boxing with punching bag in garage gym

Sports and Culture

This state is blessed with a lot of natural talents in various sporting activities that if properly groomed and invested upon, will become world beaters in the shortest possible time. Also, the sports industry is yet to reach her investment potentials in the state, therefore any investor putting his resources in this near virgin sphere shall not only reap tremendous rewards but shall thank God for choosing Bayelsa.

Specific areas like the power sports (wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, taekwondo etc), Swimming, track, and field, and of course soccer.  Special and urgent consideration can be given to the establishment of soccer academies to catch them young as this state is endowed with many future world-class soccer stars who can turn out to be investor’ gold mine if given the right and conducive environment, equipment, training, and exposure.

Going by the results of the last two Olympic games, the Commonwealth games, the All-African games and the National Sports Festival, this state and the Niger Delta Region, particularly, Bayelsa State can be seen to be the home of budding international stars and potential medallists at major events.

With a little investment in this area, a visionary investor will certainly go home thanking his stars in no time at all.

Building a private state of the art Games Village in Bayelsa is another potential revenue earner for an investor as individual sportsmen and women, states, private and corporate sponsors will be attracted to send their wards to the village for proper camping and all-round training preparatory to major events.

This can be leveraged on the present government of the state’s deliberate program/policy of encouraging private investors coming to the state.  Moreover, since the fact that this kind of facility is at present non-existent in this region makes its lucrativity a sure bet, a guaranteed win-win situation for any investor who moves into this near virgin island right away.

And what better place to site such an investment than this state-BAYELSA, where the required “raw materials” are readily available and in large number too.

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