Panoramic view from above of the town and mountains on the island of Mauritius, Mauritius Island

Infrastructure is a vital development and prosperity element for Bayelsa.

Economic growth and alleviation of poverty tremendously depend on a nation’s infrastructural development. Economists hold that infrastructure enhancement is exhibited by the availability of efficient facilities that make human operations or businesses possible.

For instance, transportation networks, communication channels, electric connections are important infrastructures in most contemporary societies. For Bayelsa people to access services at Yenagoa, they must travel approximately forty kilometers using water transport means or road. For this reason, the Government has dedicated finances to build several senatorial roads.

The roads are important because they improve connectivity between Yenagoa and other districts. Roads also link people to the airport and ports. Thus, roads are vital investments in Bayelsa when analyzing the state’s infrastructural competence and ability to propel business success. To provide social and infrastructural development services, the state government embraces the important role driven by partnerships.

The capital city of Yenagoa and the surroundings have several modernized road networks. The construction of the roads is necessary for a growing urbanized economy and the provision of crucial services to the rising population. The road networks link the rural areas to the city and facilitate business operations.

Residential, commercial, and industrial development require a reliable water access system and sewer line.

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